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03 Jun

Weekly Update (5/28/12–6/3/12)

On Memorial Day Clark was able to finish the swing set and the kids had a blast playing outside swinging and jumping on the trampoline in the misters and got a little lot sunburned.  Amazingly, I don’t have any photos of this, not sure how that happened!

Later in the week, Carly was able to gather some beautiful flowers from her Grandma Tino’s house and set them on display in our kitchen.  We all envision her being a future botanist or horticulturist.

IMGP3166  IMGP3168

On the 1st we had to renew our cell phone contracts and I got a iphone and I LOVE IT!!!  It actually dubs as my small camera, because we don’t have one and it takes great pictures very quickly and I love how you can use Instagram to edit them on the phone.  It has made picture taking so much easier for me.  Another love is the maps gps system and all the LDS tools I get to have at my fingertips.  Now let’s just hope I don’t drop it! Here are some photos I took on the first day of having the phone.

IMG_0007  IMG_0008

This week I also was able to gather tons of cucumbers from friend of mine and then my friend Mindy came over and shared her canner with me and we each made a batch of pickles.  It was a great experience and it went really well.  I am so thankful for her help in easing me into the canning world!



And now to the climax of the week… Clark finished to brick border and mulch around our garden beds and it looks FABULOUS!!!  We love it. We plan on continuing this mulched bed all around the yard to include the swing set, but that will have to wait till next year.

IMG_0026  IMG_0027IMG_0028  IMG_0029IMG_0030  IMG_0031IMG_0035

27 May

Weekly Update (5/21/12–5/27/12)

Well I will be backdating a few weeks on the blog just to catch up. 

Carly and I made a dandelion crown. (It didn’t last long). Then she helped me cook tortillas on the stove while wearing her hello kitty apron.  She was such a big helper that night with dinner.

IMGP3133  IMGP3137 

Clark finally put her garden bed together and she was so excited to help.

IMGP3140  IMGP3141

Pictures of the garden this week and Clark starting to put the swing set together.

IMGP3145  IMGP3146IMGP3147  IMGP3148

20 May

Ethan’s Piano Recital

Ethan had his first more formal piano recital a couple of weeks ago and he did great!  He was so nervous.  He worked for a little over a month memorizing his piece which was Air by Henry Purcell.  We are so proud of you Ethan!



20 May

Weekly Update (5/13/12 – 5/20/12)

Cuteness while working together to put a United States of America puzzle together.  The brother/sister love didn’t last too long.

IMGP3081  IMGP3087

Boys cruising around in the cars and getting stuck in potholes!

IMGP3098  IMGP3093

 IMGP3105  IMGP3108

Carly created a little desk area on our kitchen table to make some flower crafts from a book she found at the library.  She made every paper flower craft that was in that book.  You can see some to the left of the pencil box.



Flowers I received for Mother’s Day.  The hibiscus from my Aunt Susan and the knockout roses from my Mom.  They are beautiful!!!

IMGP3114  IMGP3115

Some red runner bean flowers and bell peppers growing in the garden.

IMGP3117     IMGP3118

The highlight of the week was one of the baby chicks laid their first eggs.  We don’t know what chicken laid the egg, but it was so cute and small next to Ethel’s large egg.  Carly was so excited she found it and came running into the house to tell us.  Have no fear, the first eggs of chickens are small and they will get bigger.  We hope they all will be laying eggs by this July.


Other note worthy things for the week are: 

  • Clark took Ethan, Gavin and Jonathan camping for the father/son campout for church at Camp Mabry.  They had a great time and caught lots of fish.  Clark said Jonathan caught around 20 perch!  Clark also said he was too busy chasing the boys to get any pictures. 
  • We found another charter school to check out called Gateway College Prep in Georgetown.  We are going to find out more information tomorrow night and possibly sign Ethan and Gavin up on the waiting list.  Carly says she still wants to be homeschooled and I am not sure about Gavin, but we will keep our options open.
  • Gavin is very close to being able to ride his bike all by himself.  He is still a little wobbly and doesn’t watch where is going very well.  I think give it another week of practice and he will have it down. 
  • My mom gave us some zucchini from her garden and one of them is gigantic!  We plan on making the zucchini cake we had on Mother’s day.  Here is the recipe for those interested.  Note, the first time we made this cake we used orange zest/juice instead of lemon and for Mother’s day we used lime zest/juice. Both were excellent and Clark recommends adding a bit more sugar to the cake mix.
13 May

Weekly Update (Happy Mother’s Day)

Well as requested I will post some pictures of our garden.  I don’t think it looks that great right now though.  Clark tore up the ground to put in a drip irrigation system for each of the garden beds and so things are still torn up and need re-mulched and cleaned up. The first picture is designed with 5 petal shaped raised beds with one long bed along the fence line.  The second picture is an old long raised we had and moved it to the back of the yard by the chicken coop.  It has big things growing in it like yellow squash, cucumber, zucchini and cantaloupe. The third picture is up close of our fairytale eggplant, I think it is so cute.  The last picture is of yellow squash blossoms.

IMGP3028  IMGP3031IMGP3034  IMGP3030

This week we found out that Ethan is very far down the waiting list to get into a charter school that he was hoping to start going to this next year for 5th grade.  It was good to find out what position he is in and it helps me know what to plan out for this next coming year and keep preparing him until the day he does get accepted, which may be next school year (6th grade) or even the next.  We heard it takes about a year of waiting to get into the school, so we are willing to wait because we believe that this is the direction Heavenly Father has led us. 

Since we found out the news, I was relieved of some pressure to get him ready for “real school”.  We started our summer break early.  It actually made for a tough couple of days not having any plans and I look forward to this next week and hope to come up with a better schedule.  The kids will still be working on math, reading and Greek history during their break.  This will keep up their skills and keep us moving forward and catch up in some areas.  We hope to start our new year in late July or early August. 

With our extra time I made some popsicles with these new popsicle molds I bought on amazon. They worked beautifully and will have to orders some more.  Six is not enough for our family!



Other big happenings this week, Carly learned to ride her bike without training wheels.  Now I know she is older and should have already done this by now, but she never showed an interest.  She caught on so fast though and was riding her bike the first night trying and has been unstoppable now.  She wants to ride all the time!  We also took Gavin’s training wheels off and it has been a bit harder for him, but he does well practicing and I bet he will have it down in a week or two.

IMGP3037  IMGP3039IMGP3040

Dylan loves puzzles, I mean really loves puzzles, as much as he does the chickens I would have to say.  This kid is always playing with one or begging for a different one.  He knows where all the pieces go and was thrilled I brought more home for him this past week.



For Mother’s Day we had a wonderful day at church and then off to my grandma’s (a.k.a. MaMa).  We had yummy sandwiches, potato salad and Clark made a lime zucchini cake.  It was so nice to see everyone and the kids had a blast seeing MaMa’s chickens, riding bikes and learning to play pool.  Grandpa Don was very helpful in all these things!

IMGP3057  IMGP3058IMGP3062  IMGP3067



  From Left to right:  My Aunt Susan, MaMa, My Mom, cousin Rachel (Aunt Susan’s Daughter), and me.








On a sad note this week, Jonathan got his first fire ant bites and they always make his feet swell up and he has been pretty miserable these past couple of days.

On a happy note, Clark caught a picture of a beautiful rainbow.


06 May

Weekly Update (April 29–May5)

Thanks to some friends of mine I am going to try blogging again.  I have missed it a lot, especially being able to look back and see how much the kids have grown and our family memories.

So here is the happenings of the past week.

Ethan:  This past week he was busy preparing for his piano recital and working on school stuff.  He did great at his recital, we are so proud of him and his hard work.  I love hearing him playing the piano and look forward to many years of listening to the music he plays. His current piano teacher is taking a break from teaching and we just lover her to pieces and so grateful for her encouragement to Ethan and love of teaching piano. We have video of the recital we will post later this week.

IMGP3001  IMGP3013


Carly:  She caught a monarch caterpillar a couple of weeks ago on our milkweed plant. She kept it and watched it grow quickly turn into a chrysalis and then today a butterfly came out and it was beautiful.  School wise she is moving along with reading much better now, we have to backtrack a bit for math and go back to a program I should have stayed with to begin with, is writing well and learning to spell (I love her creative spelling).

IMGP2885  IMGP2919

IMGP3017  IMGP3020

Gavin:  I should just group Gavin and Jonathan together because they are just handfuls of mischief. They keep me on my toes and along with Dylan are little tornadoes that roam through the house.  Gavin does like doing school work though.  He loves his math and is learning to read 3 letter words right now.  He is very proud of himself and it is cute to see him learning to read.

IMGP2980  IMGP2888 

Jonathan:  Well Jonathan has really been proving to be a 3 year old lately and reminded me of why the 3’s are such a tough age.  He is sweet boy too and shows it by giving lots of hugs and snuggles.  He likes to try to do school and tells me he wants to do math in his cute 3 yr. old voice.  Lots of times you can find him hanging out with Dylan working terrorizing on a puzzle.  Jonathan also spends a bulk of his time outside with the chickens.  He loves to hold, cuddle, and kiss them!

IMGP2887   IMGP2864 

Dylan:  Dylan is almost 20months old now and growing up too fast.  He is such a cutie and he receives lots of hugs and kisses from all in the family.  It doesn’t hurt that he has the bluest eyes ever!!! He is a shy boy when we are out and about, but not at home.  He LOVES to be outside.  He will stay outside and just sit and watch the chicks and try to feed them rocks.  Dylan also spends a lot of time on the table, it doesn’t matter how many times I take him down he likes to sit up there to work on puzzles or anything the other kids are working on, he has to be in the middle of it.  Another funny thing he loves is to find wet rags and carry them around the house in his mouth.  Sometimes this grosses me out because he might not find such a clean rag.

IMGP2917  IMGP2911

IMGP2921 IMGP2782 (an old pic sitting with the chicks)

The Chickens:  We received two New Hampshire Reds (Lucy and Ethel we named them) from my grandma back in December and they were doing great here and then sadly we lost Lucy to a hawk.  Instead of buying another grown hen, the kids convinced us to get chicks.  We bought 7 chicks in February, 2 Barred Rocks, 2 Ameraucanas (the tan ones), and 3 Silver Laced Wyandottes.  We bought 7 because I thought a chick might not survive or one would end up being a rooster, but so far they all have survived and they all seem to be hens.  Lucky us, we now have 8 chickens!  Ethel lays eggs, but the 7 others will hopefully start laying this July.  The chicks have been a learning experience.  They are not so cute now, they are already teenagers! Just this past week they decided they like to fly up to the fence and jump out, so we had to clip their wings this week. 

IMGP2714  IMGP2718  IMGP2720

IMGP2721  IMGP2724IMGP2734 Gavin loving Lucy #2IMGP2764(Ethel)

IMGP2897  IMGP2908

IMGP2987  IMGP2992

30 Jan

Family Photos from Kansas

While we were in Kansas for Thanksgiving and Dylan’s blessing we were able to get more cute photos of the kids.

Clark and I have our arms full in this one.




Handsome Ethan:

ethankansas3          Ethankansas1

Adorable Carly:



Serious Gavin:



Goofy Jonathan:


Cutie Pie Dylan:


30 Jan

Dylan’s Blessing

Dylan was blessed last November in Kansas.  We felt very blessed to be able to go to Kansas and have another baby blessing done at Clark’s grandfathers home.  It was great to share this special time with family we haven’t seen in a long time.  So glad that most of the Jarvis clan could make it.

Dylan's blessing

29 Jan

Family Photos

Last November we were able to go out on a beautiful day with my parents and get some updated family photos.  For those who live locally we went to Katherine Fleischer park in Wells Branch. 

Family with Grandma and Grandpa:







Clark and Crystal:

















27 Jan

Jonathan turned 2

Well that is, he turned 2 last November.  Jonathan is a sweet boy who is living up to the name “terrible two’s”.  He loves his baby brother Dylan.  He thinks all babies are called Dylan.  He talks to Dylan in a sweet voice.  Jonathan does not like his older brother Gavin as much, they have true sibling rivalries, he does not talk to Gavin in the same sweet voice.  Other things Jonathan loves to do are play with trains, get into everything, play outside, get into everything, read books, and did I mention get into everything?

Well Jonathan had fun little birthday where we learned he was afraid of the candles.  Every time we lit candles to sing Happy Birthday he would start crying.  Kind of sad and funny at the same time. I ended up blowing out the candle for his birthday muffin, but as you can see he enjoyed eating the muffin very much.



And for his birthday cake he stuck to me and let Carly and Ethan blow out the candles.

Jonathanbday4       Jonathanbday5

He loved opening his present at snail speed. It was killing the other kids to watch him open it so slowly.


Ahhh, finally finished with a bit of help from Mommy.


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